More than 60% of buyers online search for a product video first!
Therefore, a well-made video brings trust in B2B and B2C relationships when they're just in the flirting stage!

We offer video production services to suit a wide range of clients in the professional services industries. Whether you’re a social media professional, an agile start-up or an outdoor adventure brand, our services can make your life easier.
Travel videos, social media ads, documentaries etc. - we love making them! 

In addition to traditional filming, we offer fresh filming techniques
such as 360° Re-Framing, Makro Slide, Time Lapse and Aerial HyperLapse technologies.

The truth is, in terms of price and quality, we may well be one of the most reasonable choices,
when looking for a partner for Time-Line production without forgetting traditional documentary video production models. 

We shoot innovatively using modern camera possibilities.
Our cameras have been updated in 2022 and we shoot 422-10 bit colors with ProRes 4K level image,
as ProRes RAW, if needed. In our selection, we have Sony 422 10 bit 4K
cameras from a7s3 all the way up to FX9, whatever suits the situation best. 

In order to keep the image vibrant and professional in every situation,
we are also well-equipped with gimbals, sliders etc.


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Sami J Kosonen
tel. 040 577 9444